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Go abroad with ERASMUS

Here you can obtain information about the ERASMUS programme, our partner faculties and the application process.

Our answers to the FAQs you will find here.

If you want to read reports from former ERASMUS students, you can find these here.

Please also note the current information hereinafter.

Dear students,

our application deadlines are:

for the winter semester: 1st of February

for the summer semester: 1st of August

*You will find the current application form in the menu on the right.*

We are looking forward to your applications!

*Please note that students for the summer semester can only be given a study place if there are remaining places that were not released in the application process for the winter semester.

Therefore, if you want to have the whole selection of study places available for your application, we recommend to apply with the students applying for the winter semester (until 1st of February).

An overview of the remaining study places for the summer semester is published on our website at the latest in May.*


* Consultation during the sommer semester 2023:

Every tuesday from 10-12 pm. Alternatively we are happy to talk to you via skype. Please write us an email to make an appointment ().

* Deadline for applications for the winter semester 2023/24: 1st of february 2023.

Changes in ERASMUS-Scholarships

From Autumnsemester 2022 on, the scholarships for the ERASMUS-program are going to be:

Countries of Group 1 (600,00 EUR)

Countries of Group 2 (540,00 EUR)

Countries of Group 3 (490,00 EUR)

ERASMUS-Büro Jura goes Facebook

Dear ERASMUS-interested students,

you can find us on Facebook from now on. To receive our latest news just like our page    !


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