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The ERASMUS-Programme

ERASMUS+-Stay for law students

Within the ERASMUS+-Programme of the European Union, MLU offers every student the opportunity to study various semesters abroad. Under ERASMUS+ the previous EU-Programmes for lifelong learning, youth and sports as well as the cooperation programmes at the universities are being combined. It is equipped with a 14.8 billion budget. More than 4 million people will benefit from the EU-Means until 2020.

Law students have the chance to spend 24 months in total at our partner universities abroad without loss of their first complimentary attempt.

The law faculty maintains partnerships to 34 faculties all over Europe. Per academic year we are able to assign active and interested students to over 130 study places.

Why go abroad?

A study visit abroad is almost indispensable for future lawyers. It considerably increases the career opportunities – not only because of the thence gained language skills. The insight of another legal system also expands the horizon of study and leads to a deeper understanding of German legal culture. But not only within the lecture hall you gain experience which has invaluable account for the personal development: during study abroad you meet people from all over Europe that also took the opportunity to risk this step. Not least, as an exchange student you become part of another culture that attracts and sometimes surprises. This opens the eyes, broadens the mind and provides reason that otherwise would have been denied.

Advantages and services of the ERASMUS-Programme

Besides consultation and support at home- and partner universities the ERASMUS-Programme offers a 300-420 € partial scholarship monthly. The scholarship amount conforms to living in the respective country of the partner faculty and is disbursed in two rates: approx. 80 % of the total, students receive at the beginning of their stay and the balance after their return and the submission of a report. In addition, the ERASMUS+-Scholars are being remitted all tuition fees. For financing, students can additionally apply for a grant to study abroad. The application- and selection process is comparatively uncomplicated and students can decide on a study relatively short-term.

The application deadlines are:

  • 1st February for winter semester (and the beginning academic year)
  • 1st August for summer semester

Academic achievements

ERASMUS students participate in courses at their discretion at the partner university. By successfully taking an exam in foreign-language, law students can be accepted a certificate of specialist foreign language competence for their domestic law studies. If law students are simultaneously enrolled in economic law they can also be taken into account their achievements fulfilled abroad in consultation with the Institute of Economic Law. Semesters spent abroad are not taken into account for the German period of study. If an appropriate evidence of the passing of at least one legal exam in foreign language per semester is provided, up to two semesters abroad are being unconsidered for the free trial, so that it can be perceived without loss of preparation time.

Information and consultation

For any questions in connection with the application and organisation of a study abroad we welcome you warmly at the ERASMUS Office of the Law Department in room U.06 (Juridicum) during the office hours throughout the lecture period or upon consultation throughout the time between terms. The foreign student advisor of the Law Faculty is Prof. Dr. Stephan Madaus.


Felix Buschek and Lena Blaske

Student Assistants

ERASMUS Office of the Law Department

Room U.06 – Juridicum